The “V”

Last month I posted about a project I was architect on and also had the opportunity to photograph as well. The “V” is another project I had the same opportunity. The “V” Restaurant opened early this year (2011). My role in the process of this project being completed was to redesign the future 4-story boutique hotel to be a phase 1 single story restaurant. The Big challenge was in coordination with the structure as the building will expand vertically in the future plus have a rooftop pool. You can see what it will eventually look like HERE.

I had a small window to shoot this project. As I found out when I arrived, from driving down from Atlanta, the sun shows the building much better in the earlier part of the day. Even still I had sunset and the late afternoon to shoot what I could. There were a few elements to the building that still were not fully complete when I shot the building. This only means I will have to make it back to get more shots 🙂

The one big thing I took from this shoot was that shooting an interior space with lots of glass (I should have learned this from shoot Slidell) needs to be once the sun is below the horizon. I was able to get a few shots with that condition in the dinning area but when the sun did go down I focused more on the exterior. I really want to get back to reshoot the bar area and also the entry (I didn’t shoot that from the interior because an important piece was not installed yet). Overall this project has gotten a lot of local press and has become the “place to be” in the area. If you are ever in the Seagrove/Seaside are of Florida stop on by, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Mr. Scotttoyou says:

    That builder sure did make you look good! 😉
    Good job Mr Moore….

  2. wizum says:

    Yeah, he was ok… :-p

    Good Job Mr. Jones…

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