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My first weekend in England found Jess & myself in the countryside to visit her sister Judy and brother-in-law Mike. They live on a Duke’s estate about an hour train ride west of London. The train ride in was a little brutal as we had to stand the whole ride as we ended up dealing with Friday rush our commuters.

Once we arrived at Mike & Judy’s place we got settled in and grilled out(They call it a Braai) various types of meats and just had a few cold drinks and snacked on stuff enjoying the beautiful weather and sunset from their back garden.

The next morning we got up late… yes, we planned on getting an early start, but you know how that goes? We all jumped in the car with our stuff and headed towards Stone Henge. Arriving at Stone Henge is completely not what you imagine as two roadways split off right before the location of the stones in the fields. I snapped off a few shots but will have to add them later to the post as I have no way of getting them off of my camera at the moment. The place was packed but we did have the opportunity to see a summer solstice ceremony happening within the stones while doing our touristy thing giving us a chance to see the druids in their funny outfits… walking around the stones taking pictures of every possible angle. Which reminds me. I came up with a word for what Stone Henge has become. “Touristified”! Not sure if it is original but it really fit to what has become of the place. It was cool to see but yet it just wasn’t as cool as it could have been.

From here we decided to hit the town of Salisbury and see the Cathedral. It boasts the tallest steeple in England. The town, or city really, is cool and has an old wall that protected the old city ages ago. The cathedral itself was amazing and huge. Again, pics to follow once I figure out how to upload them.

Our next adventure was to get some beach time on the coast. We headed south and into a place, Lulworth Cove . While approaching the cove we saw what appeared to be some low clouds but turned out to be a fog bank. It certainly cooled things off for us, but it did take away from the wonderful tans we were all hoping to get 🙂

After spending a short time at the cove we decided to drive just up the road to a place called Durdle Door. This place, even though still in the fog, was really neat. The beaches are mostly all at the base of cliffs that you have to climb down from. What made Durdle Door so cool was it is a rock outcropping into the ocean with a huge arched opening. The beach is made of pebbles,what we in the states would call “pea gravel”, which made it kind of difficult to walk on. Mike and myself, being the brave and strong males that we are, decided to try a dip in the water… Oh BOY!!! Can you say hyperventilation? The water was cold… wow!

After our beach time we headed in to a village called Corfe Castle a little off the coast to catch the USA vs Ghana soccer match in an English pub. While eating and watching the match a couple behind us heard my American accent and asked where I was from. The wife, as it turned out is originally from Alaska. Even in the little village of Corfe Castle, in the English countryside you can run into an American… Well, that is all for now… I’m exhausted and ready for bed…


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  1. Doug says:

    sounds great; good to see updates! looking forward to seeing photos of the cathedral, etc (as well as “Touristified” Stone Henge. 🙂

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