Welcome to the new WSM Photography Blog!!! If you didn’t see any of my previous blogs, well, they were using a standard Worpress template. Now, as you see, my blog is integrated with my website, which is using the Showit5 system for website development and hosting.   I cannot say enough about Showit as a […]

In an effort to keep things fresh, and to create a better platform to showcase my work, as well as offer a place for customers to buy prints directly from me, I have redesigned my website. The look is different from my previous designs. The struggle with showing as much work as possible while keeping […]

So, I finally have put together a “store” online so that anyone interested can purchase prints of my work. I’m still wading through some of this but after researching and looking around I decided to go with fineartamerica.com’s service for promoting and selling prints. What I like from them is the site’s ease of use, […]

I’ve had some extra time this weekend (5-day Christmas holiday weekend) and decided to change up the website a bit. There is a ton of content I have been wanting to add. I created a new gallery called “panoramics”… Yep, you guessed it, it is a gallery of panoramic shots. I also have populated new […]