Is your time worth anything? how about your skill as a photographer? Is your unique perspective of capturing a place or thing something that warrants extra consideration when deciding on the cost of a particular photograph? These questions are somewhat subjective of course. In part I of my thoughts on the “Cost of Photography” I […]

A couple of months ago I was sitting down analyzing what my hard cost really are for my photography – specifically prints. I show some of my work a couple of times a year in a gallery in Castleberry Hill as part of APE’s gallery event. I have also been contemplating creating an online store […]

Recently I was contacted via email from my website about one of my images. The inquiry was about making a canvas wrap from one of my skyline shots of Atlanta. Over the course of several weeks we finally came to agreement on size and price and I started the process of getting the print sent […]

If you have been living under a rock lately the Southern States have gotten a little of the white stuff this last week. The measurements very but basically Atlanta and the northern burbs got anywhere from about 4 to 6 inches worth of snow. The city has pretty much been shut down since Monday. Its […]

I had meant to post while being in England but as fate, or being lazy and enjoying myself, would have it I didn’t make anymore posts beyond the two I previously posted.  Now it is December of the same year and so much has happened and yet again I have been very very lazy in […]

  My first weekend in England found Jess & myself in the countryside to visit her sister Judy and brother-in-law Mike. They live on a Duke’s estate about an hour train ride west of London. The train ride in was a little brutal as we had to stand the whole ride as we ended up […]

had a decent flight. Uneventful and I was even able to sleep a few hours. After Jess met me at Gatwick we hopped on a train and back to her place. Once settled in we went out and did a little grociery shopping and decided, sense it was a really nice day out, to pack […]

So, I’m flying to London today to make my first trip abroad. I’m of course bringing the camera and tripod and will have a few opportunities to get some shots. The main reason I’m heading to London is to see my girl who lives there. That being said, I am NOT going to England to […]

Over the last 3 and a half years I have worked as a designer and project manager for DAG Architects. One of the first major projects I had the opportunity to work on was a brand new 25 bed hospital in the city of Port St. Joe. What was really exciting about the project is […]

Blog entry about the Simpsonville Great Escape movie theater shoot in South Carolina.