In an effort to keep things fresh, and to create a better platform to showcase my work, as well as offer a place for customers to buy prints directly from me, I have redesigned my website. The look is different from my previous designs. The struggle with showing as much work as possible while keeping […]

Last month I posted about a project I was architect on and also had the opportunity to photograph as well. The “V” is another project I had the same opportunity. The “V” Restaurant opened early this year (2011). My role in the process of this project being completed was to redesign the future 4-story boutique […]

At the end of January I did a huge photo shoot in Louisiana for a firm based out of Marietta, Ga called AE Design. The location of the project was in Slidell, LA. The building I shot is a new Cancer Treatment Center, for Slidell Memorial Hospital. The agreement I came to with my client […]

Recently I was asked to shoot several educational projects my firm has worked on over the last couple of years. The work was comprised of 3 schools (2 high school, 1 elementary). The work was completed roughly a year ago. Because of the economy and other factors my firm hadn’t taken the time to photograph […]

So, I thought I was done talking about my London trip… I guess not 🙂 I’ve been editing shots off and on since my return way back around July 11th. I started editing shots the next week after I got back. My goal was to edit shots and post them on Flickr in a chronilogical […]

I’ve had some extra time this weekend (5-day Christmas holiday weekend) and decided to change up the website a bit. There is a ton of content I have been wanting to add. I created a new gallery called “panoramics”… Yep, you guessed it, it is a gallery of panoramic shots. I also have populated new […]

I had meant to post while being in England but as fate, or being lazy and enjoying myself, would have it I didn’t make anymore posts beyond the two I previously posted.  Now it is December of the same year and so much has happened and yet again I have been very very lazy in […]

Blog entry about the Simpsonville Great Escape movie theater shoot in South Carolina.

Adventures in shooting Nashville’s Adventure Science Center and it’s LED lit Pyramid.