Another house I shot while in Cape Town was this beach house in Bloubergstrand, on the northern part of Caps Bay. The house literally sits right on the beach and the design caters to this context. As the shot above shows the house opens up to a large wood deck. From here you have some […]

Last month I traveled to South Africa. The main purpose of my visit was to visit my girlfriend who lives in Durban. While there though I was able to setup an architectural photoshoot in Cape Town (a two hour flight from Durban). The shoot was for a contact I met through the online design forum […]

Last month I posted about a project I was architect on and also had the opportunity to photograph as well. The “V” is another project I had the same opportunity. The “V” Restaurant opened early this year (2011). My role in the process of this project being completed was to redesign the future 4-story boutique […]

Fairly recently I came across mention on twitter about a photography sharing site called 500px. Though new to me the site has actually been a round for a while. After taking a quick look it was obvious the site had some special-ness to it. Similar to photo sharing sites like Flickr, 500px is really catered […]

A while back I blogged about shooting some shots a new hospital in Port St. Joe for the Sacred Heart Hospital System. Before design of that project took place we put together a master plan of the property that the hospital was to be constructed on. Part of that master plan was for a series […]

Last month I was asked to shoot some shots for the firm of HLG Design and some interior fit-out work they have done over at the CNN Center. This was my first opportunity to shoot for HLG who I had a relationship with from my “day” job working for DAG Architects (we shared office space […]

Part I / Part II  – If you haven’t read these do so first to give context to what I’m about to discuss. What about your cost for equipment? Should this be a consideration in your pricing? maybe we just take the pricing from Part II we came up with and decide that a portion […]

Is your time worth anything? how about your skill as a photographer? Is your unique perspective of capturing a place or thing something that warrants extra consideration when deciding on the cost of a particular photograph? These questions are somewhat subjective of course. In part I of my thoughts on the “Cost of Photography” I […]

A couple of months ago I was sitting down analyzing what my hard cost really are for my photography – specifically prints. I show some of my work a couple of times a year in a gallery in Castleberry Hill as part of APE’s gallery event. I have also been contemplating creating an online store […]

At the end of January I did a huge photo shoot in Louisiana for a firm based out of Marietta, Ga called AE Design. The location of the project was in Slidell, LA. The building I shot is a new Cancer Treatment Center, for Slidell Memorial Hospital. The agreement I came to with my client […]