Last month I traveled to South Africa. The main purpose of my visit was to visit my girlfriend who lives in Durban. While there though I was able to setup an architectural photoshoot in Cape Town (a two hour flight from Durban). The shoot was for a contact I met through the online design forum […]

Last month I posted about a project I was architect on and also had the opportunity to photograph as well. The “V” is another project I had the same opportunity. The “V” Restaurant opened early this year (2011). My role in the process of this project being completed was to redesign the future 4-story boutique […]

Fairly recently I came across mention on twitter about a photography sharing site called 500px. Though new to me the site has actually been a round for a while. After taking a quick look it was obvious the site had some special-ness to it. Similar to photo sharing sites like Flickr, 500px is really catered […]

A while back I blogged about shooting some shots a new hospital in Port St. Joe for the Sacred Heart Hospital System. Before design of that project took place we put together a master plan of the property that the hospital was to be constructed on. Part of that master plan was for a series […]

Last month I was asked to shoot some shots for the firm of HLG Design and some interior fit-out work they have done over at the CNN Center. This was my first opportunity to shoot for HLG who I had a relationship with from my “day” job working for DAG Architects (we shared office space […]

Part I / Part II  – If you haven’t read these do so first to give context to what I’m about to discuss. What about your cost for equipment? Should this be a consideration in your pricing? maybe we just take the pricing from Part II we came up with and decide that a portion […]

Is your time worth anything? how about your skill as a photographer? Is your unique perspective of capturing a place or thing something that warrants extra consideration when deciding on the cost of a particular photograph? These questions are somewhat subjective of course. In part I of my thoughts on the “Cost of Photography” I […]

A couple of months ago I was sitting down analyzing what my hard cost really are for my photography – specifically prints. I show some of my work a couple of times a year in a gallery in Castleberry Hill as part of APE’s gallery event. I have also been contemplating creating an online store […]

At the end of January I did a huge photo shoot in Louisiana for a firm based out of Marietta, Ga called AE Design. The location of the project was in Slidell, LA. The building I shot is a new Cancer Treatment Center, for Slidell Memorial Hospital. The agreement I came to with my client […]

Recently I was contacted via email from my website about one of my images. The inquiry was about making a canvas wrap from one of my skyline shots of Atlanta. Over the course of several weeks we finally came to agreement on size and price and I started the process of getting the print sent […]