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Welcome to the new WSM Photography Blog!!!

If you didn’t see any of my previous blogs, well, they were using a standard Worpress template. Now, as you see, my blog is integrated with my website, which is using the Showit5 system for website development and hosting.


I cannot say enough about Showit as a platform and website system. While Showit is  geared towards photographers and artists, it can be used for any other type of website, private or commercial. The new format is quite different than the other one (see a screen shot from my previous design). Showit5 is a scroll based design that allows you to design “canvases” of content. These canvases stack vertically to create different areas of content that you can hyperlink to or just scroll to. This format works well with WordPress, and so my blog is still put together in WordPress, but the design and template of the format is controlled in Showit5. Anyhow, not to get too nerdy, but that is a quick summary of what the new Showit5 is about.


I do plan on adding more posts to my new and updated blog. I will post about it soon, but I’m teamed up with a new marketing and business development company called LAPit Marketing. With Lapit’s help I’ll be having a better social media presence and more consistent updates to my work via my website and blog.

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