New Website Design for 2013

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In an effort to keep things fresh, and to create a better platform to showcase my work, as well as offer a place for customers to buy prints directly from me, I have redesigned my website. The look is different from my previous designs. The struggle with showing as much work as possible while keeping navigation and sharing information in a simple way isn’t always so easy. I do feel with this new design I have achieved both in an effective manner. Hopefully you will agree…

The following two pics are snap shots of one of the galleries and the Fine Art Prints page where you can click on a photo and order a print directly from me. So, feel free to browse around the site. I have also uploaded some new imagery from South Africa as well as some from my previous trip to the UK back in 2010.

So, check out:


website_Panoramics-for blog website_prints-for blog

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