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So, I finally have put together a “store” online so that anyone interested can purchase prints of my work. I’m still wading through some of this but after researching and looking around I decided to go with’s service for promoting and selling prints.

What I like from them is the site’s ease of use, the way they package the prints and how you can preview the different print options in real time with the particular photograph you might be interested in. It even gives you frame options and it is interesting to see how a piece looks the different kinds o framing options. There is also other mounting options too and again, like the frames, you can preview them, with particular pieces, in real-time.

I also like the control I have of my content and how I want it presented. I can order my work as I want it and I have complete control of my pricing margins for each size print/media offered. And last but not least is how easily when you post a new piece up for sale it automatically creates a post via Facebook and Twitter to help you advertise new work up for sale. All this and no membership fee… Yep, it’s free 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to  the site and starting making some Christmas purchases 🙂

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