Georgia Fall 2012

Two weeks ago myself along with Doug & Alan headed up to Cloudland Canyon. According to the reports online Peak Fall Color had been reached about 3 days before our arrival. Thankfully, things were pretty much still close enough to Peak color to give us a good show. We parked at the main parking area and headed towards to Gorge rim edge and shot for a bit looking down into the Canyon before taking our plunge down the 100’s of metal stair we were about to hike on getting to the 3 main areas of Waterfall action.

The first shot here is from the top of the Rim looking out into and over the Canyon…

This next shot is from the upper most waterfall (It has an official name now, but I have no idea what it is…) There is a large splash pool at this waterfall, but I’ve also found I like shooting from the cascading creek looking back at the falls. Doug though did get a nice one from the other side HERE

The middle waterfall, which I’ve gotten some good shots of before, was a little tougher to get a good shot of. composition wise I got what I wanted, but the waterflow was about half what we needed to really show off how this particular waterfall looks at it’s best.

Finally, we headed down to the Lower falls, which is Two separate waterfalls but very close to each other. The upper one plunges off a nice ledge, but the challenge in shooting this one is the large concrete Pylon and bridge structure that was put in a few years ago, which gives hikers better access to get further into the Canyon.

Just down from the first Waterfall, at the lower section of falls, is a nice but smaller falls. I’ve never really gotten a good shot of this before, but seemed pleased with the straight-on shot I have posted below. Just below this fall is a really nice section of cascades that until now, I struggled finding just the right composition.

And finally… From one of the main viewing areas looking out over the Canyon…

What is interesting, from a technical and lighting perspective, about Cloudland is the different lighting conditions you come across. For instance the first and upper falls is much more open to the sky and is higher up within the Canyon itself. I’ve always noticed that my shots here have a much cooler White Balance and color render to them. Even with editing and adjustments it makes the shots from here slightly different than the others. The second one down and the lower section are lower into the Canyon and have a lot more light and color filtration through the trees, which seems to cast a slightly different light on these (though the middle is not as deep and dark as the lower as it is more open to the Sky).

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