Fall color in North Carolina

Fall 2012…

Two weekends ago, just after arriving back in the States from my time in South Africa, I attending my sister’s wedding. The next day I just happened to have several photography friends meeting in Asheville, NC to shoot some fall color. Perfect timing 🙂

We all arrived at a local Asheville Southern Cookin restaurant and filled our bellies with calories for our day of photography and fun. After lunch we heading up along the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Asheville. We hit all the highlights and I even tried turning a waterfall into my own personal waterslide :-/

Here are two from this first day (keep scrolling as I have more below these pics)…

We ended the day at Devil’s Courthouse overlook to shoot the sunset…  It was funny how at one point it was crowded with people just before sunset. As soon as the sun hit the horizon the crowd dispersed back down to the parking area like nobody’s business. Of course that just left the overlook all to ourselves (happy photographers and keep scrolling as I have more below these pics).

The next day myself and Doug traveled along the portions of the Parkway just north of Asheville, as the rest of the group parted ways on their own journey’s. The color here was much nicer, I thought, than the previous day. The following shots are just a few of what I captured around the parkway…

Finally, on Tuesday, we hit further south along the Parkway before Doug and myself parted ways. The remaining shots here are from that. I ended my day at Clingman’s Dome for sunset, but I’ll have another blog post about that one soon.

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