Kloof Gorge, South Africa

I recently have made a move to Durban, South Africa. The move was a personal one but has also given me some incredible photography opportunities. My goal is to soon be posting about many of those opportunities soon.

One such opportunity I’ve been able to take advantage of is just 10 minutes from where I live, known as Kloof Gorge. The gorge is within the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. The shots I’m presenting here are just a few of what I’ve taken so far. I’ve been to the gorge three times so far and plan on many more trips.

The images highlighted here are part of my hike along the main “yellow” trail. There are several routes, or spur trails, you can take along the way. I took the longest which brought me to the eastern edge of the Nature Reserve, overlooking the gorge end and the townships beyond.

See more on my Flickr Stream of these shots and more…


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