Wrap up!!!

Recently I was contacted via email from my website about one of my images. The inquiry was about making a canvas wrap from one of my skyline shots of Atlanta. Over the course of several weeks we finally came to agreement on size and price and I started the process of getting the print sent to myphotopipe and building the frame to wrap the canvas on.

This was my second time creating a canvas wrap myself… The first time I did one for my sister for a Christmas present. You can check that out HERE.

The challenge with this wrap was the size. At 36″ x 54″ I had to determine what size to actually specify to the print lab so that I had the proper extra canvas to help stretch it over the frame. Also, being as large as this canvas was I was a little nervous about stretching it correctly to get the proper tension and any wrinkles or waves out of it.

To cut to the chase… I printed on 40″ x 60″. I built the frame out of yellow pine (1 x 2). I shave off the top part of the frame to create a clean edge along the outside of the frame.  I used a heavy duty staple gun with 3/8″ staples. The stretching of the wrap took about 45 minutes. My Dad and myself could have done it faster but we took our time stretching from two directions making sure to keep the tension right as we tacked in each staple.

The final picture (last one below) was supplied by the buyer the day I delivered the print. They had a spot already picked out they wanted the shot to go. They were very happy and complimentary of the work and it was really rewarding being able to hand deliver the canvas to them and see their reaction. Thanks guys for the purchase and I hope it is an enjoyable piece for you for years to come.

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  1. Emily Daniel says:

    Thank you so much for our picture! We LOVE it and have gotten a MULTITUDE of compliments! So enjoyed getting to meet you and appreciate all the work that went into this behind the scenes. It is absolutely beautiful. Go Atl!

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