A little more from London

So, I thought I was done talking about my London trip… I guess not 🙂

I’ve been editing shots off and on since my return way back around July 11th. I started editing shots the next week after I got back. My goal was to edit shots and post them on Flickr in a chronilogical order. So far I have done a pretty good job of doing that (yeah, I had a few shots editing out of order). Recently I have gotten to my shots I took on my second evening/night time excursion along the South bank and some of the more famous places along the Thames River.

The one thing I regret was not getting to a few more different places in the evening. I primarily ended up shooting around Parliament, The Eye, Millennium Bridge, and St. Paul’s. The one place I intended to hit was around London City Hall and Tower Bridge… I never made it there. I do have a few evening shots I did in Edinburgh but I won’t get to those for a little while longer.

What struck me most about London was the really long twilight sky. I recall one point the first weekend I spend in England we were in the countryside coming back from Corfe Castle and our day on the coast. I looked out at the western horizon, at like 11 in the evening, and there was still a glow of color. This worked out well when I shot in the city of London as I had a lot more time to get those evening shots with the really nice deep blue twilight color.

Posted here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening excursions I was able to take in London (see below this text).


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  1. kim says:

    i love how these come alive on the darker background…on flickr and facebook the white backgrounds don’t really make them look good. i still love your work and think you need to make a Blurb book and sell it! I would buy one since I so far want a print of a fair number of the shots I have seen thus far…so may as well get the book!

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