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I’ve had some extra time this weekend (5-day Christmas holiday weekend) and decided to change up the website a bit. There is a ton of content I have been wanting to add. I created a new gallery called “panoramics”… Yep, you guessed it, it is a gallery of panoramic shots. I also have populated new photos within the existing galleries so check them all out.

One thing I have found interesting is deciding on shots to put on the website and what not to. I get various feedback on Flickr, as one gage on my work, but when it comes down to it I feel like being more selective than not is the way to go in selecting what goes up and what doesn’t. If I’m in doubt on a shot I usually will leave it out.

One section I have added I would love to get some feedback on is the new “pricing” section. You can find this under the tab “about”. You will see the section as one of the fly-out selections. My purpose on this was to give an initial understanding of how I structure my photography fees when being commissioned to do a photo shoot. I didn’t want to give out any specific numbers and do not plan to. If someone is truly interested in me doing a photo shoot for them I calculate my fees on a per request basis. If you are interested I would love to get feedback on what I have written and if it makes sense… especially from others who have done extension architectural photography work 🙂

I’m still trying to figure out how I would like to sell individual prints of my work. I was just recently contacted about a photograph on my website. Though this request was for something custom in size (a pretty large print at 24×36 on canvas), it would be so nice to have something setup that I could promote as a way for people who visit my site could order prints directly from me… I’ve looked and/or have tried a few “systems” and websites out there but still haven’t found anything I think is worth my time and effort…

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