London Wrap…

I had meant to post while being in England but as fate, or being lazy and enjoying myself, would have it I didn’t make anymore posts beyond the two I previously posted.  Now it is December of the same year and so much has happened and yet again I have been very very lazy in making any posts. I guess I have discovered on thing about blogging. It is a good thing I didn’t decide to try and be a journalist 🙂  I wouldn’t keep a job for very long (not including my horrible grammer and sentence structure).

Anyhow, This is my last post about my trip to London over the summer. Since my trip a lot has happened and much more is happening now as I type this. More to come on that later.

If you want a large overview of my pictures I have currently posted and processed head over to my FLICKR set. The shots are organized as I shot them.

To sum up my trip…

I was able to tour the main part of the city extensively, yet I felt I had so much more to see. I could have spent months just touring around, shooting pictures, day and night, and probably would never of felt I had seen enough. Be that as it may I’m completely happy with what I had opportunities to see. Following are just a few of the places I had a chance to visit and photograph.

The London EYE, The TATE Modern, St. Pauls Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, SoHo, Convent Garden, Primrose Hill, Greenwich and the Royal Observatory, the Thames Barrier and park, Canary Whorf (watched Wimbledon on a big screen in a park, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Chelsea, played tennis several times in King George Park, visited the countryside and Windsor Castle, and flew up to Scotland and spent time in Edingburgh (which was just a beautiful city). I’m sure I’m missing alot of what I saw but in a nutshell this is a good sampling.

Here are just a few pics from the trip. don’t forget to head over to my FLICKR set.

I’m still not done editing so check back to my FLICKR set soon as I will be adding for the next several months most likely. Yeah, I took a lot of pics 🙂

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