London – Day 1

had a decent flight. Uneventful and I was even able to sleep a few hours. After Jess met me at Gatwick we hopped on a train and back to her place. Once settled in we went out and did a little grociery shopping and decided, sense it was a really nice day out, to pack a lunch, jump on a bus, and head to a nearby park on the Thames River. We had a really nice lunch and enjoyed a few hours of nice weather and relaxation.

After the park we headed to a South African store and bought a few things and then back to Jess’s place. We have been watching some Wimbledon and now some World Cup action while we are preparing for dinner.

I am starting to get really tired and am pretty happy with being able to stay awake, for the most part, all day. I haven’t even broken out the camera yet, but tomorrow, as Jess has to work a half day in the morning, I will wonder around in the morning on my own and try and see a few things around Piccadilly Circus area. The weather forecast is looking fantastic so my fingers are crossed I will have some really nice opportunities for some good shooting weather.

Tomorrow at the end of the day we will head to Jess’s sister near Reading and spend the weekend there in the countryside and where I will get to see Stone Henge on Saturday 🙂


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