London Calling…

So, I’m flying to London today to make my first trip abroad. I’m of course bringing the camera and tripod and will have a few opportunities to get some shots. The main reason I’m heading to London is to see my girl who lives there. That being said, I am NOT going to England to do photography 24/7 🙂

My trip will consist of touring the city of London and its architecture, a trip or two out to the countryside and hopefully seeing Stone Henge, and a quick flight to Edinburgh and Scottish Highlands. While I’m there Wimbledon is also happening and we have talked about getting in the “cue” to get inside one day to watch the some tennis.

The first 10 days or so look like the weather is going to be pretty good – for London. I will be making posts about the trip as it happens as much as I can. I will be a little limited but I’ll see how much I can share on my blog here. So, keep an eye out for some updates in the next couple of weeks as I will hopefully have some exciting things to share… Cheers!!!

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